Your Child's Learning Struggles Are Avoidable 



No parent should be left on their own trying to figure out why their child is struggling and what to do about it. Our mission at OptiKodes Academy s is to prevent avoidable learning problems so nothing interferes with parents raising happy, confident children.


30% of all students are nontraditional learners who go under the radar and  begin to struggle early in grade school.  Without the right help, they fall further behind and lose their confidence and self-esteem. OptiKode Learning Styles absolutely changes this because they identifyi how each child learns best and matches them with the tools and methods they  require to succeed.  OptiKodes Academy has helped hundreds of students thrive and has put an end to the worry that parents feel as they watch their child struggle.

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An OptiKode Learning Style Evaluation Changes Lives   

Every child is a natural born learner, but traditional teaching methods fail to ignite the abilities of the bright , nontraditional learners. Their natural learning abilities take off though when an understanding of their OptiKode is brought on board.

An OptiKode Learning Styles Evaluation with Kimberley Blackburn starts the process of rebooting your child’s whole framework for learning. The evaluation will completely clarify what learning methods they need and will put an end to your worry and frustration.

It is an enormous relief for parents when they understand why their bright child has been struggling and what can be done to get them on track. In less than 2 hours, an evaluation will provide you with an easy to implement program that can be started at home to create learning breakthroughs.  Often students living in the Bay Area also meet with Kimberley for a period of time to accelerate their progress in one-on-one sessions. 


Schools are not set up to assess why children struggle, and outside testing is a very expensive first step, often costing upwards of $5,000. An OptiKodes Learning Styles Evaluation is an affordable and thorough first step and will get your child moving towards success.

Along with in-person consultations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kimberley routinely meets with families over Skype.  This one meeting is guaranteed to give you the answers you have been looking for and change your family and child’s life.