30% of all students begin to struggle in grade school and without the right help, they fall further behind. OptiKode Learning Styles unlocks your child’s potential by identifying how they learn best as shown by their OptiKode. We set up students and parents for success by providing customized learning plans and expert advice. OptiKodes has helped hundreds of families and is widely recognized by teachers and Learning Specialists.

“No parent should be left on their own trying to figure out why their child is struggling and what to do about it. My mission with OptiKodes is to prevent unnecessary learning problems so nothing interferes with every parent’s top priority: raising happy, confident children.”
— Kimberley Blackburn, Founder of OptiKodes, Learning Specialist and Clinical Psychotherapist

There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child: Every Child Is a Natural Born Learner

Mother tells how knowing how each multisensory child learns changed her life. Knowing each family member's OptiKode is the answer.



Sabian’s confidence has quickly grown so much and the stress that affected our entire family has diminished rapidly too. The OptiKodes system brought hope back into our lives.
— Laci O.

What is an OptiKode?

OptiKodes help struggling students succeed  

OptiKodes offers parents of struggling students a reliable formula for school success. Everyone has a core learning system - or OptiKode Learning Style - which explains how we naturally learn best. Once identified, your child’s OptiKode shows what learning tools and strategies they need to get on track and thrive. It is a simple system that takes less than 2 hours to get started with.


Each person’s OptiKode chart has five modalities that are used in a ranked order. The three outer colors have the highest number rankings and are considered the 3 DOMINANT ways a person learns. The two inner colors have lower numbers and are the 2 DORMANT ways a person learns.  So much is revealed in our Dominant and Dormant modalities - why we are gifted in some things and challenged in others.

All struggling learners have a predictable OptiKode which puts them at risk in traditional school settings. The key is to use their 3 DOMINANT modalities to teach to their natural strengths and learning abilities.

The Five Modalities are:

  • Seeing Dominant -  Being SIGHT SMART: learning through images, visual processing, graphics and design
  • Hearing Dominant - Being SOUND SMART: learning through hearing, verbal processing, music and dialogue
  • Moving Dominant - Being BODY SMART: learning through hands-on, concrete and physical experience
  • Reading Dominant - Being BOOK SMART: learning through reading, writing and linguistic experience
  • Thinking Dominant - Being NUMBER SMART: learning through analytical, mathematical, and systematic thought

Example of a OptiKode Learning Style

How OptiKodes Change Lives

Children  and teens who struggle with learning almost always have a Nontraditional Learning Style which is neglected by traditional teaching methods. Their natural learning ability can and will take off though when a true understanding and support of their OptiKode is brought on board.

An OptiKode Assessment with Kimberley Blackburn starts the process of rebooting your child’s whole framework for learning. The Assessment will completely clarify what learning methods will ignite your child’s success, putting an end to your worry and frustration. It is an enormous relief for parents when they understand why their bright child has been struggling and what can be done to get them on track.  In less than 2 hours, an Assessment will provide you with an easy to implement program that can be started at home immediately. Often students living in the Bay Area also meet with Kimberley for a period of time to accelerate their progress in one-on-one sessions.

Most schools are not set up to assess why children struggle, and outside neuropsychological testing is a very expensive first step, often costing upwards of $5,000. An OptiKodes Assessment is a more economical and thorough first step that will get your child moving towards success.

Along with in-person consultations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kimberley routinely meets with families over Skype.  This one meeting is guaranteed to give you the answers you have been looking for and change your family and child’s life.


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