Kimberley Blackburn, MA, Learning Specialist and the Developer of OptiKode Learning Styles, is a subject matter expert on why students struggle with learning and what to do to help them get on track and thriving.  She has a proven track record of success, using OptiKodes for over 18 years to help nontraditional learners break through years of defeat and to reach their full learning potential. She is known widely in the surrounding school districts and is often referred by educators, specialists and parents who know how her work changes students’ lives.  

Kimberley is an invaluable resource for parents who need specialized support determining the best approach to unlocking their child’s school success. She partners closely with parents to provide professional advice on a variety of issues that can arise and  overwhelm them, including:

  • When to seek outside assessments for possible learning disabilities

  • How to navigate  school IEP’s and SST’s successfully

  • When reports about your child’s learning style should be shared with teachers

  • When to say no to school intervention programs

  • When changing schools is best for your child


Kimberley Lemyre Blackburn’s Credentials:

  • Holds a Master’s Degree in  Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapy; though not currently licensed or practicing as a therapist, she integrates her former training and experience into her work with struggling students and their families

  • Over 15,000 hours helping students establish a strong learning foundation based on their OptiKodes

  • Ability to pick up signs of undiagnosed learning disabilities and a track record of referring students to specialists for quick diagnosis and effective treatment

  • Training teachers throughout the U.S. to reach at-risk learners