Story #1 - Kai, 8th Grader
Moving and Hearing Dominant Athlete                                 

Shared by Colombe M., mother: Before finding OptiKodes, our weeknight evenings were completely occupied with homework. I would sit with Kai for hours, pushing him to get everything done before playing and giving him written tests to help him study. We fought nightly and his self-esteem plummeted. We met with Kimberley and discovered that Kai functioned better when moving, needed frequent breaks and he was also Hearing Dominant.

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She worked with Kai to develop methods and tools specific to these parts of his Functional Style. Since Kai is a natural athlete, it only made sense that studying while using a ball or doing something else active would help his brain focus. The old school method of sitting at the same desk everyday staring at a wall while studying that I had been pushing on Kai had been inhibiting his long term retention for years.

Within weeks, Kai was working independently on all of his homework and his confidence improved. It had been years since our nights had been fight-free and I was actually able to relax after work. We now had time to talk about events of the day or even watch a TV show together. His grades improved with less effort and he was eventually accepted into the private High School of his choice. I am eternally grateful to Kimberley and OptiKodes as I anticipate more and more opportunities opening for Kai because he can finally shine.

Story #2 - Sabian, 11th grader
Seeing & Hearing Dominant learner with ADD

Shared by Laci O., Sabian's mom; As a parent, watching Sabian struggle with success at school was heartbreaking. I knew he was intelligent and capable, but his grades didn't reflect that. No matter what we tried it was always the same outcome. I felt like I was failing him and he felt like he was failing at life. It's a heavy burden to carry.

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Then I discovered Kimberley Blackburn and OptiKodes Academy. She assured me that the problem wasn't with him, but that he was a non-traditional learner whose needs weren't being met in the classroom. Once we knew his OptiKode - and the differences between his and mine, Kimberley was able to help Sabian find simple solutions to improve his school performance. Sabian's confidence has quickly grown so much and the stress that affected our entire family has diminished rapidly too. The OptiKodes system brought hope back into our lives. Sabian also, for the first time, is beginning to think about a future he can get excited about after graduation next year.

Story #3 - Jon A., & Family

"I’d like to expand on what Connie mentioned when she contacted you today about helping our second son now. Peyton, who you helped 5 years ago, is now an avid reader. His room is chalk full of books. It’s really expanded his ideas and imagination. He has a joy of reading that is rooted in the work that you did. My wife and I often talk about the importance of understanding his Functional Style.

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We have used and referred to his OptiKode every year of his education and most recently with his 6th grade teacher. It also was a turning point for our family in understanding how to communicate with him and his more logical brain compared to our more emotional ones.

What really changed when we met you was our trajectory. A change in direction based on the knowledge we gained when we learned about our different Functional Styles with you. We are thankful for that every single day."

 Story #4 - Anthony W., University of Hawaii, Senior

In their own words: I would highly recommend working with Kimberley and OptiKodes. When I came in to meet with Kimberley I was a freshman at the University of Hawaii but had been sent home to California on academic probation my first year. When I came in to meet with her, it was for an hour or so.

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She really helped me understand my OptiKode test results—what those OptiKodes and numbers actually meant and more importantly how to apply it to better my learning. By meeting with her I went from being on academic probation to returning the next semester and doing so well that the dean of my department sought me out to congratulate me and find out what I had done to make such a turn around.

He had never seen that happen with someone on academic probation. Obviously I recommend working with Kimberley or using the College OptiGuide to any college student who is struggling and needs fast and effective solutions.

Story #5 - Steve and Atefeh S., Adult and Pediatric Neurologists in California

The Relationship OptiGuide took just an hour to complete and has helped us understand each other better and improved our communication. We also have better insight into what priorities make us happy—our Functional Styles are different so our priorities are naturally different too.

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Clearly seeing this about each other is very eye-opening and has enlivened our marriage and most importantly helped us be present for our son. Seeing our son's different OptiKode also helps us truly understand him which has really helped him excel in school. He is a Non-traditional Learner and was already falling through the cracks in school in kindergarten. Meeting Kimberley and bringing all our Functional Styles to life has turned this spiral around and our son has become a happier and more confident person and our whole family is thriving now.

Story #6 - Valorie D., Psychotherapist

In their own words: I did the Personal OptiGuide and found it extremely interesting and informative. In less than an hour I learned that I was a non-traditional learner and felt a validation that touched a deep, unseen place inside of me. This OptiGuide helped me to open new possibilities in my career and in creating more joy in my life. I am currently in a crossroads around my life purpose and passion.

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Going through the OptiGuide helped me move into a direction more aligned with my mind, body and spirit. It helped me to realize that I can—and need—to change my way of working and playing, adding more movement, as well as more auditory and visual aids. More importantly, it helped me see the kinds of jobs and activities that are more aligned with my Functional Style.

Because I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am always looking for ways to promote overall health and well being. I would definitely recommend it to my clients and to anyone who is looking for more alignment, direction and authenticity in his/her life.