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Discover your child's OptiKodes and how they learn best - when you do learning breakthroughs soon occur.   Take the free OptiKode test on the landing page with a mobile device and screenshot your colorful results diagram. Save your OptiKode results so you can share them with Kimberley during your in-person or Skype session. 

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Message from Founder, Kimberley Blackburn, MA                                      Clinical Psychotherapist and Learning Specialist

As a Psychotherapist, Learning Specialist and parent of a special needs child, I know that few things are as hard as finding out your child is struggling and not knowing how to help them.  The good news is that there ARE answers - every child can become a natural born learner if their OptiKode Learning Style is used  at home.  Struggling learners only need for their home environment to reflect their OptiKode to be able to thrive.  My mission with OptiKodes Academy is to help you bring out the natural born learner in your son or daughter so they can return to being the happy and confident child they are meant to be.