Discover Your Child's OptiKode Learning Style

Most people easily agree that we each have a unique learning style, that no two people think, function or process the same way. OptiKode Learning Styles takes this view and gives it legs! By this I mean OptiKodes offer parents a new technology for identifying their children’s learning style so it is ACTIONABLE.

The way Howard Gardner and his followers used learning styles left people with a very limited understanding of how they learn best. Most of us who used his model were left believing we were either ‘visual’ or ‘auditory’ or ‘kinetic.’ in other words, we got the impression that we specialized in ONE learning style pathway. Furthermore, Gardner’s model didn’t give us an interactive lens to look through; we weren’t taught to see the dynamic interplay between our learning style and the learning styles of others we lived or worked with.

OptiKode Learning Styles, by contrast, is more actionable and gives us a more sophisticated - and more accurate - understanding of ourselves. It also helps us really see the differences between our own learning style and those of our children, partners and friends.

In the world of OptiKodes, there are 120 different learning styles with many more versions of each of those 120! The good news is that a quick test establishes your 3 Dominant and 2 Dormant learning pathways and OptiKodes Academy’s materials help you match tools and strategies with you and your child’s OptiKodes. The result is a solid understanding of exactly how you and your child process and function differently and what you can do to create learning breakthroughs and a love of learning in your struggling child.

Visit us at and take the free online test which will reveal your child’s OptiKode Learning Style. Children who are struggling at school always have a nontraditional OptiKode which can be rebooted for success with the tools and strategies which match how they learn best.


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