Why OptiKodes?

The Family Assessment  looks at the constellation of your family’s OptiKodes and reveals the complexity of all the OptiKode Learning Styles in your household.   No two members in any family have the same OptiKode. Your unique blend of OptiKodes reveals the easy connections and the major differences between family members and explains your overall family dynamic.

OptiKodes for Families helps everyone understand themselves and each other better and creates a happier family dynamic.  


The Benefits of Optikodes

Human beings are wired for connection and romantic love in their lives. Despite this fact, much of the time our best efforts fall short and we don’t experience all we know is possible within our intimate relationships. Bringing a couple's Functional Style to life results in the following outcomes in relationships:

  • Less tension and defensiveness
  • More relaxed and effective communication
  • Mutual understanding enhanced intimacy
  • A renewed feeling of partnership, passion and shared goals
  • An improved sense of trust and sharing
  • A stronger bond and enduring love

Work with Founder Kimberley Blackburn

In addition to the resources above, Kimberley meets with couple's in person and over Skype and Google Hangout to personally bring the power of OptiKodes into your life.