Children  and teens who struggle with learning almost always have a nontraditional learning style which is neglected by traditional teaching methods. Their untapped, natural learning ability can finally take off  when parents have a clear understanding of their  one-of-a kind OptiKode.   No two OptiKodes in a family are the same – knowing how you and your child’s OptiKodes differ enables you to become an expert in their success.


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Understanding your child’s OptiKode Learning Style starts the process of rebooting your child’s whole framework for learning. An OptiKode Assessment will completely clarify what learning methods your child needs and will put an end to your worry and frustration.   Often students living in the Bay Area also meet with Kimberley individually for a period of time to accelerate their progress. 

When children struggle with learning, parents need real answers and effective solutions. OptiKodes changes lives quickly and enables parents to get back to their biggest priority in life:  raising happy and confident children.

OPTIKODE EVALUATIONS - a quick, effective and affordable route to unlocking your child’s full learning potential. These 75-minute evaluations with Kimberley are available in person or via Skype.