Why OptiKodes

Many nontraditional students get to college and quickly get off balance and struggle academically.  The stakes at college are much higher and the workload is usually more demanding, often leading to cheating, anxiety or depression, academic probation, and all too often students dropping out of college.


OptiKodes for College Students will:                        

Before College

  • Give college-bound students  a clear understanding of how they learn best as shown by their OptiKode

  • Review their high school academics and identify where they are at risk academically in college

  • Teach them OptiKode strategies that will open up their effectiveness with learning

  • Establish a strong Executive Functioning foundation so essential in college life


During College

  • Help them build strong study habits using their OptiKode

  • Give them a clear understanding of how they learn best

  • Help them develop better time management and test prep skills

  • Reboot their entire framework for academic success at college

  • Give guidance on the careers that are most in line with their OptiKode

  • Restore their faith they will graduate from college and have a bright future

The Benefits of OptiKodes

When students learn their OptiKode and then use the tools and strategies that align with their Functional Style, college life transforms. Learning shifts from being a grueling game of memorization and test-taking to a more effortless and rewarding experience. The following outcomes naturally occur: 

  • Studying and course work gets done more quickly
  •  Learning takes on an effortless quality and feels more enjoyable and meaningful
  • Students discover a deeper sense of interest and mastery in their classes
  •  Students become clear what college majors are a right fit for your OptiKode and Functional  Style
  • ·A better balancing of college and social life develops
  •  Test results and grades consistently improve

Work with Kimberley

Kimberley meets with individuals in person and over Skype and Google Hangout to personally bring the power of OptiKodes into your life. Kimberley offers consultations in northern California, 30 miles east of San Francisco, in Walnut  Creek.