How OptiKodes Transform College Success

When college students learn their OptiKode and then use the right tools and strategies, college life transforms. Learning shifts from being a grueling game of memorization and test-taking to a more effortless and rewarding experience.  Struggling learners finally get a formula for overcoming undue  worry about grades and can reboot their entire framework for learning. The following outcomes  occur after an OptiKode Learning Style Evaluation: 

  • Studying and course work gets done more quickly

  • Learning takes on an effortless quality and feels more enjoyable and meaningful

  • Students know how they learn best and consistently use the study methods that work for them

  • Students become clear what college majors are a right fit for your OptiKode Learning Style

  • ·A better balancing of college and social life develops

  • Test results and grades consistently improve


Consult with Kimberley for College Success

Meeting over Skype, Kimberley helps college students dial in their OptiKode in an initial 90-minute session.  Students then apply what they learn immediately and get the benefits of engaging their unique OptiKode Learning Style. Kimberley often sets up a follow-up coaching session to refine the OptiKode techniques that have been established and to answer addiitonal questions students may have.