What is an OptiKode?

OptiKodes Help Struggling Students Succeed  

OptiKodes offers parents of struggling students a reliable formula for school success. Everyone has a core learning system - an OptiKode - and there are 120 different styles your child might have! The easy part is that child’s unique OptiKode explains how he or she naturally learn best. Once identified, your child’s OptiKode shows which learning tools and strategies he or she needs to get on track and thrive. It is a simple system that takes just a little over an hour to get started with.


Each child’s OptiKode chart has five modalities that are used in a ranked order. The three outer colors have the highest number rankings and are considered the 3 DOMINANT ways your child learns. The two inner colors have lower numbers and are the 2 DORMANT ways your child learns.  So much is revealed in their Dominant and Dormant modalities - why they are gifted in some things and challenged in others.

All struggling learners have a predictable OptiKode which puts them at risk in traditional school settings. The key is to use their 3 DOMINANT modalities to teach to their natural strengths and learning abilities.

The Five Modalities are:

  • Seeing Dominant - Being SIGHT SMART: learning through images, visual processing, graphics and design

  • Hearing Dominant - Being SOUND SMART: learning through hearing, verbal processing, music and dialogue

  • Moving Dominant - Being BODY SMART: learning through hands-on, concrete and physical experience

  • Reading Dominant - Being BOOK SMART: learning through reading, writing and linguistic experience

  • Thinking Dominant - Being NUMBER SMART: learning through analytical, mathematical, and systematic thought


Example of a OptiKode Learning Style

Our Mission: To Make Parents the Experts in Their Child’s School Success

Every child is a natural born learner, but traditional teaching methods fail to ignite the abilities of children with a predictable OptiKode - one that is ‘Reading Dormant’ like shown in the OptiKode above where the gold Reading 1 circle is innermost and most dormant. 25% of students are in this situation with non-traditional OptiKodes. These children are just as capable, as long as we know the Dominant strengths of their OptiKode and how to use the tools and strategies that match those strengths to reach them.

Don’t Wait For School to Give You the Answers

Too many parents are blindsided when their child is identified as struggling at school but help is not offered. The kind of worry that follows devastates otherwise healthy families and often leads to school trauma in children: symptoms of anxiety or depression, avoidance of school, resistance to homework and learning and actual physical symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and exhaustion.

Parents can overcome worry and trauma by learning about their child’s OptiKode and can taking their results into parent-teacher conferences and insist that school shift away from traditional teaching methods towards ones that will reach their child. This ends the pathologizing of bright children and empowers parents to not buy into the view that something is wrong with their child. EVERY CHILD IS A NATURAL BORN LEARNER.

A 1-hour OptiKode Evaluation will put you in the driver’s seat, and equip you to advocate for your child at school and to empower them at home. You will gain a clear understanding of exactly how to bring out the natural born learner in your child and be able to insist that school support them the way they need. Your child’s OptiKode results will show:

  • if they will struggle in reading, if they will struggle in math, or in both subjects

  • how to unlock their abilities in whatever subjects they struggle in

  • how to share your child’s OptiKode with school so their learning needs will be met there

  • the differences between you and your child’s OptiKodes so you don’t unintentionally interfere with their success

Few tools give parents the complete control over their child’s school success that OptiKode Learning Styles A can. A 1-hour OptiKode Evaluation is the most beneficial and cost-effective hour you can invest to learn what lies ahead for your child and family in school. It’s best to do the evaluation before your child begins grade school, but it is invaluable at any point if they are are struggling. You will get immediate answers and solutions that will help your child succeed.

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