OptiKode Child Assessment Result

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE OPTIKODE TEST - Below is some further information to help you understand more about your child’s learning style. I also invite you to schedule a free, 15-minute free consultation with me. During that time I will help you understand why your child is struggling and how to begin changing that immediately. Click the button to schedule now.

The 5 OptiKode Modalities:

Seeing Dominant

Think about someone you know who enjoys comic books or magazines. Often this person is artistic in some way and is usually the first one to notice a visual change in a room or a person. This person is likely Seeing Dominant.

  • They notice right away when someone has changed their appearance

  • Their artistic talent stands out in the world

  • They are always making their home or surroundings more beautiful


Hearing Dominant

Who do you know who loves listening to music or talk radio? Who is a good communicator, or can easily memorize song lyrics or movie dialogue? This person is likely Hearing Dominant.

  • Are never without their music library

  • Are not afraid to speak in front of people

  • Always find people to process their thoughts and feelings out loud with


Moving Dominant

Do you know someone who is fidgety, enjoys hands-on activities, participates in athletics, and is always on the go? This person is likely Moving Dominant.    

  • Dive right into projects without needing instructions

  • Prefer jobs that keep them on the move and away from sitting at desks

  • They have a lot of energy and are always on the go


Reading Dominant

Who do you know who loves books, or has a job that involves reading or writing?  This person enjoyed school and typically got good grades. This person is likely Reading Dominant.

  • Is a natural born reader who didn't need much help when they first began reading

  • Learns best by reading and finds time to read on a regular basis.

  • Takes books with them on vacation and decompresses by reading in the evening.


Thinking Dominant

Do you know someone who is highly logical, thrives with game plans and structure, or enjoys logical puzzle games and computers? This person is likely Thinking Dominant.

  • Are usually highly logical and analytical

  • Are very strategic and minimize their risks

  • Are good with numbers, finance and things which are technical

Take the next step in mastering your OptiKode

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