Ways to Thrive with OptiKode Learning Styles


K-12 OptiKode Learning Style Assessment:

Feel immediate relief from the worry and anxiety you feel watching your child struggle - you will get an OptiKode Learning Plan which will create lasting learning breakthroughs for your child.

  • Get customized tools and strategies to immediately begin using at home

  • Develop an understanding of the differences in you and your child’s OptiKode Learning Styles - knowing this keeps you from unintentionally interfering with their success

  • Receive a checklist of learning strategies and an OptiKode Learning Style Report to share with school and your child's teacher

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Family OptiKode Evaluation

A Family OptiKodes Evaluation helps everyone understand each others learning styles clearly and creates a happier family dynamic.

  • See exactly how your children learn best

  • Have a clear pictures of the differences between you and your child's OptiKodes

  • Develop more mutual understanding and acceptance between everyone in the family.

No two families are the same and no two family members share the same OptiKode Learning Style. This evaluation results in mutual understanding and greater family harmony.


Help for Struggling College Students

Some college students suddenly find themselves under water academically when they get to college. OptiKodes turn it around quickly:

  • Learning takes on an effortless quality and feels more enjoyable and meaningful

  • Students know how they learn best and consistently use the study methods that work for them

  • Students become clear what college majors are a right fit for your OptiKode Learning Style

  • ·A better balancing of college and social life develops

  • Test results and grades consistently improve