Did You Know Your Child's Learning Struggles Are Avoidable? 


Each Child Learns Differently

OptiKode Learning Styles is an improved approach to learning styles which quickly ends school struggles and brings out the natural born learner in students.

Most schools have been teaching in the same way for nearly a century and have only one approach for reaching all the students in the class. When you know your child’s OptiKode Learning Style, you can easily teach to their strengths and stop using the traditional approach which has been holding them back. This puts an end to the frustration and worry that children and parents feel and begins a new chapter in learning success.

We identify your child’s OptiKode and then match them with the tools and methods that will ignite their learning. It’s a simple solution with a proven track record. Discover your child’s OptiKode by taking the free test and then having a free 15-minute consultation with Kimberley Blackburn, MA, Innovator of OptiKodes.

Discover Your Child’s OptiKode Learning Style

What is an OptiKode?

The Five Modalities are:

  • Seeing Dominant - Being SIGHT SMART: learning through images, visual processing, graphics and design

  • Hearing Dominant - Being SOUND SMART: learning through hearing, verbal processing, music and dialogue

  • Moving Dominant - Being BODY SMART: learning through hands-on, concrete and physical experience

  • Reading Dominant - Being BOOK SMART: learning through reading, writing and linguistic experience

  • Thinking Dominant - Being NUMBER SMART: learning through analytical, mathematical, and systematic thought

The Dormant and Dominant Part of Each OptiKode

Each OptiKode chart has five modalities that are used in a ranked order. The three outer colors have the highest number rankings and are considered the 3 DOMINANT ways your child learns. The two inner colors have lower numbers and are the 2 DORMANT ways your child learns.  So much is revealed in their Dominant and Dormant modalities - why your child is gifted in some areas of the school curriculum and challenged in others.

All struggling learners have a predictable layout in their OptiKode which puts them at risk in traditional school settings. For these learners, the gold Reading Modality is Dormant - see OptiKode image below. Being Reading Dormant makes this child a nontraditional learner who will struggle in reading and be identified as having learning difficulties. The solution for these nontraditional learners is to use their 3 DOMINANT modalities to teach to their natural strengths. This is guaranteed to unlock their success and restore their confidence and self-esteem.

OptiKodes regulate the learning process and create breakthroughs for struggling students.

OptiKodes regulate the learning process and create breakthroughs for struggling students.


The outer three rings are Dominant.

The inner two rings are Dormant.


OptiKodes Academy Founder Kimberley Blackburn, MA

KIMBERLEY IS A SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT ON WHY STUDENTS STRUGGLE AND WHAT TO DO TO QUICKLY GET THEM ON TRACK AND HEADED TOWARDS SUCCESS. To consult with Kimberley, take the free online test from a mobile device, screenshot your results diagram and have them ready to share with her in a free 15-minute consultation.



OptiKodes Changes Lives

Every child is a natural born learner, but classroom teaching methods fail to ignite the abilities of the many bright, nontraditional learners in every classroom. These learners are often very talented athletes who are great at sports but who nonetheless fall behind and struggle.

An OptiKode consultation session with Kimberley will show you how how to play to the strengths in your child’s OptiKode and give them what they need to succeed. You will also get a report to share with your child’s teachers so they can also get on board and support your child’s OptiKode Learning Style at school.


Don’t wait on school to give you answers. An OptiKode Learning Styles Evaluation is a quick and affordable way to get your child moving quickly towards success and avoids the need to seek out costly outside testing. This one meeting is guaranteed to give you the answers you’ve been looking for and change your family’s and child’s life.