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In addition to using the resources on this site, an individual consultation with Kimberley is a powerful way to deepen your understanding of your OptiKode and bring your Functional Style to life. Consultations with her are available in person in Walnut Creek, California or via Skype by appointment. 

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Message from the Founder, Kimberley Blackburn,
MA, Clinical Psychotherapist and Learning Specialist


My understanding of OptiKodes and Functional Styles began  18 years ago as I transitioned away from being a Clinical Psychotherapist and into working as a Learning Specialist. That transition is another long story but the real story is how OptiKodes developed.

OptiKodes was not something I set out to discover or build; my understanding evolved bit by bit in over 15,000 hours of working one-on-one with struggling students and their families.  What began as a fascination with why my students seemed to respond differently to varied tools and techniques grew into a 2 decades-long discovery of a little known thing I hope will become very well known – OptiKodes and Functional Styles.

I have used OptiKodes to help countless students of all ages, their families, as well as many couples and individuals, all of whom now embrace the truth of how they function and use this self-understanding to unlock new levels of success in their lives.

Few things give we therapist-types more satisfaction than helping people thrive. To have developed a set of tools which consistently helps people reach their full potential has truly been a labor of love for me.  

I want to express my gratitude to the many families and individuals who put their  faith in me and who were so essential in my teasing out the full significance of OptiKodes over the years. Together we took a journey that now stands to benefit so many other people and to change the landscape of human relationships. My hope with the resources at OptiKodes Academy is to make this program available far and wide and to shift how people approach the most essential element of being human:  understanding ourselves and each another.