What is an OptiKode?

We are  here to function throughout our lives and in truth no two people navigate life the same way. This is part of the intelligent design of humanity - all the diversity in how people function is needed in this complex world we share.  

What is needed to help us optimize our lives is a set of tools that helps us understand and use our unique functioning expertly. OptiKodes is that tool - it gives people a clear understanding of their unique OptiKode and how to engage it to access more of their potential.

5-Part System, Each OptiKode has 5 colorful modalities that are used in a ranked order.  In all OptiKodes, like the one shown on the left, the outer three colors are DOMINANT and the inner two are DORMANT.  So much is revealed in our Dominant and Dormant modalities - why we are gifted in some things and challenged in others. Once you know this, your Functional Style comes to life and makes life and relationships easier and more satisfying. 


The Benefits of OptiKodes

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No two people think or function alike and at the same time we are wired for connection. OptiKodes help bridge this gap and give people immediate tools to align with people who are intrinsically different than you. Beyond relationships, OptiKodes shine a light on your own intrinsic functioning so you can optimize your life and reach your personal goals more quickly and effectively. 


  • Homework breakthroughs and a lessening of anxiety for struggling learners
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence for non-traditional learners
  • Increased harmony and understanding within couples' relationships
  • Improved  communication, teamwork and collaboration at work
  • Clarity around mid-life career changes; career guidance for college students

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