Is Your Child A Non-traditional Learner?

30% of all students are Non-traditional Learners but this unfortunately is NOT assessed in schools. In traditional classrooms these learners fall behind and rapidly lose their confidence and self-esteem. The good news is that bringing a child's Functional Style to life at home can get them back on track and keep them there.

Even traditional learners benefit when their unique OptiKode becomes the foundation for supporting them throughout grade school. Gifted learners find that dialing in their OptiKode makes their learning less demanding and stressful. OptiKodes are a win-win for every child in your family.

Making Parents the Experts

When it comes to raising children, academic performance and success are among the biggest priorities and concerns every parent has. Yet parents simply do not get the training they need to play this key role in their children's lives. Using OptiKodes at home leads to the following outcomes in your family: 

  • Less tension and stress around nightly homework
  • A lessening of anxiety about school performance for you and your child
  • Children who consistently stay on track and at grade level
  • Visible signs of self-esteem and confidence in your children
  • A love of learning and desire to go to school every day
  • A return to the happy-go-lucky child you once knew

What You Can Do:

STEP 1: Discover You and Your Child's OptiKodes

If you haven't already, take the Adult and Child OptiKode Assessments—find out which of 120 different OptiKodes you both have. This is the first step in creating lasting learning breakthroughs and eliminating the stress of nightly homework.

STEP 2: Take the Next Step in Your Child's Future

Explore Optikodes on Your Own

The Struggling Student OptiTuning Guide is a quick way to learn how to bring your child's Functional Style to life and to become the expert in their school success. Parents routinely say they had no idea they 'were unintentionally interfering with child's success' until they discovered the differences in their OptiKodes. The Struggling Student OptiTuning Guide  teaches you OptiTuning Skills so your support is perfect for how your child learns best. The OptiKodes 101 eBook is an additional resource that will deepen your understanding of your child's one-of-a-kind blueprint for functioning. It can be used to understand your entire family's Functional Styles.

Work with Kimberley Blackburn

Kimberley meets with individuals in person and over Skype and Google Hangout to personally bring the power of OptiKodes into your life. Kimberley offers consultations in northern California, 30 miles east of San Francisco, in Walnut  Creek.