End of Year Challenge?

OptiKodes Make Parents the Experts in Their Children’s Success

Not all families look forward to the end of the current school year. For many parents, it has been a grueling 7 or 8 months to this point, with the remaining weeks promising more tension and homework stress.  

I have seen the burden of school support grow heavier and heavier for parents over the 15 years I have been a Learning Specialist. Now more than ever, parents are expected to carry the load at home and make sure homework gets done and tests are prepared for.  Amazingly, very little is available to help parents become the experts in their children’s success which is a key role they are being asked to fill. 

Depending on the personalities of various family members, homework wars and the tension of nightly homework consume family life in most households. Even in families where children are getting good grades, homework has been hijacking  family well-being since school began last fall. Is this inevitable?  Do parents have any recourse to this brutal education marathon they have to run with their kids all year long? Is there any way to finish the year with sanity and even harmony between everyone?

OptiKodes Academy is set up to offer parents resources which  make them true experts in  creating learning breakthroughs and stress-free homework each night.   It's not too late in the year to try OptiKodes on for size. A simple, free test on our website at www.optikodes.com will reveal your children's OptiKodes. The results of the test are best used with the  The Struggling Student OptiTuning Guide available on the site. The Guide  quickly dials in  tools and techniques which are a custom fit for your child.  This is what 'turns upside down learning right-side up' for your children and will help lighten the load on your family for the rest of the school year. 

Families who use OptiKodes consistently report that  using them has quickly transformed their child’s learning and family life.  Knowing your child’s – and your own – OptiKode streamlines your support and gives you customized tools to reach your child and preserve everyone’s well-being. Getting a taste of OptiKodes now will make you a believer and convince you to support your children with  them from day one of the next academic school year.